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We sell highly specific antibodies for immunohistochemistry and immunoblots. All of our antibodies are tested in our laboratory as well as various university/institute laboratories.

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Catalogue Number     Contents
Neurotransmitter enzymes
CA-101 bTHrab     in glycerol/0.05% azide
rabbit antisera to trypsinated bovine tyrosine hydroxylase50ul
CA-201 bDCrab
rabbit antisera to bovine aromatic amino acid decarboxylase  50ul
CA-301 bDBHrab
rabbit antisera to bovine dopamine b-hydroxylase    50ul
CA-401 bMTrab
rabbit antisera to bovine phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase 50ul
SE-101 RmTPHrab
rabbit antisera to recombinant mouse tryptophan hydroxylase 50ul

THA-001 rrTH
recombinant rat TH antigen  50ul

NT-101 5HTrat   in PBS/0.05% azide
rat antisera to serotonin              50ul
NT-102 5HTrab
rabbit antisera to serotonin 100ul
NT-103 5HTgp
guinea pig antisera to serotonin   50ul
NT-104 DArat
rat antisera to dopamine       50ul
NT-105 GABArat
rat antisera to GABA      50ul
NT-108 GABAgp
guinea pig antisera to GABA 50ul

NTT-101 VGLUT-2rab-affinity   
affinity-purified rabbit antisera to neuron-specific vesicular glutamate transporter-2      50ul
NTT-102 VGLUT-2gp-affinity    
affinity purified guinea pig antisera to neurons-specific vesicular glutamate transporter-2    50ul

NR-101 K2Rrab
rabbit antisera to kinate-2 receptor peptide 50ul
NR-102 a1BAdRrab
affinity purified rabbit antisera to a1B adrenergic receptor50ul

NH-101 GnRHmouse
mouse antisera to GnRH50ul
NH-102 GnRHgp
guinea pig antisera to GnRH 50ul
NH-103 aMSHrab
rabbit antisera to aMSH100ul

NP-101 SPrab
rabbit antisera to substance P     100ul
NP-102 ANPrab
rabbit antisera to ANP  100ul
NP-103 NTSrat
rat antisera to neurotensin    50ul
NP-104 NTSrab
rabbit antisera to neurotensin     100ul
NP-105 SSTrat
rat antisera to somatostatin   50ul
NP-106 SSTrab
rabbit antisera to somatostatin    100ul
NP-107 NPYrat
rat antisera to neuropeptide Y      50ul

NM-101 FluGgp
guinea pig antisera to FluoroGold      50ul
NM-102 LUCIFrab
affinity purified rabbit antisera to luciferase       50ul


Instruction to read Product Number:     *CA-101 bTHrab
          CA:   stands for catecholamine
                 101:  Product number
b:       bovine - antigen source
TH:    Antigen - TH stands for tyrosine hydroxylase
rab:   rabbit: antibody raised in  
Product: CA-101 bTHrab: Rabbit antisera raised against bovine tyrosine hydroxylase (trypsin treated)

* Category
CA:catecholamine       NT: neurotransmitter
NH:neuroendocrine             NR:  neurotransmitter receptor
NM:neuronal marker    NTT:neurotransmitter transporter
NP:neuropeptide THA: tyrosine hydroxylase antigen
Unit:One unit of antibodies contains 50 or 100 ul diluted-antisera in PBS or 5% glycerol containing 0.05% Na-azide. For immunohistochemistry, further dilution of 1:1,000 or 1:2,000 is recommended. Further dilution may be necessary depending on species and tissues.  For instance, tyrosine hydroxylase in the rat brain can be detected with 1:2000 or more dilutions. Paraffin section requires 1:200 or more dilution. Recommended dilutions for each antibody are specified in each product specification below.

Storage:Our antisera contain a preservative, so it is stable at 4o C for several months. Alternatively, the antisera can be frozen at -80o C for at least one year. Longer storage, even at -80o C, will lead to a gradual loss of antibody titer.  Avoid freezing small volumes using a “no frost” freezer. Once the antisera are diluted to 1:1000, use it within one or two days and keep it always at below 4o C but do not freeze.  Do not store diluted antisera for longer than two days.

Expiration Date:One year

Warning:All of our products are sold for experimental use only and are not to be used in humans or diagnostic purpose!!!!!

Product Specificity/Data Sheet will be sent to you with the purchase if requested.